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Practicing for Young Musicians. You Are Your Own Teacher.
You weren’t born with an owner’s manual.  The day that your new instrument arrived is not unlike the day you were born and your parents took on the responsibility of raising you and building a lifelong relationship.

Now it’s your turn, only you are building a relationship with your instrument. That, too, takes a strong commitment, good planning, time, patience, trial and error—and discovering the joy of music in the process! The way you spend your time practicing determines the kind of relationship you’ll build and the degree of rewards you’ll earn. Just ask your parents—it’s worth the effort!

Practicing for Young Musicians will help develop that special
relationship. Through fresh, upbeat approaches the book will make practice sessions more productive, more fun and therefore, more rewarding.

With Practicing for Young Musicians you will . . .

     - why you must take responsibility for your own progress

     - why success happens between lessons when you practice 

     - why between lessons you are your own teacher.
     - what practicing is

     - planning practice sessions
     - methods of practicing
     - practicing in the age of technology and
     - tips for being your own teacher.
  Enjoy learning:
     - how thinking about chocolate cake can improve your tone quality
     - how you can practice fast by practicing slow
     - how you can practice anywhere and not make a sound
     - what ice cream and spinach have to do with building
musical muscles
     - why scales are the keys that open millions of doors
     - much more!

This book is a companion to:

The Practice Planner

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