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The Practice Planner. A Journal of Goals and Progress.
It takes self-motivation to say, “I want to practice!” The Practice Planner is a valuable resource for stimulating self-motivation while simultaneously developing both balanced technique and musicianship.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a parent nurturing your child’s musical interest or a music-lover embarked on a self-study program, the Practice Planner has something unique to offer.

With the Practice Planner you will . . .

     - Discover how clearly defined musical goals encourage motivation to practice by providing the tools to get the job done.
    - Enjoy the satisfaction of building technical and musical skills simultaneously.
     - Feel the gratification of taking responsibility for your own progress.
    - Delight in the knowledge that you have developed practice planning skills that are applicable to accomplishing anything you put your mind to, in all subjects, interests and hobbies.
    - Value your Practice Planner journal as a diary for weekly reference and a lifelong resource that will increase in value with the passage of time!

This book is a companion to:

Practicing for Young Musicians

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